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If there is one thing that most up-to-date research shows, it is that skin is a marvelous factory without which life wouldn’t be possible. This barrier is so dynamic and alive that even its ‘dead’ layer – stratum corneum – is vital and active, reactive to changes in its environment, and responsive to both external and internal worlds. If indeed compared to a factory, skin maintains a smooth nonstop operation over the course of a lifetime – an achievement that dwarfs everything that we know, or can even imagine. Each layer of the skin, and each layer of stratum corneum, is permanently thirsty, requiring a high presence of water for its homeostasis. Assisting with hydration of the skin, moisturizers or better, skin care, play an extremely important role in keeping the skin healthy and vital, and that is only the beginning of it. In other words – proper skin care is a necessity throughout a person’s lifetime. It is time to rethink skin care.

We, at i2 by Ivana K., have been rethinking and reinventing the concept of natural and effective skin care products from the start. With i2 by Ivana K. products, your lifestyle and your skin are in perfect unison. You have made a great choice.