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When a friend told me about a new skin care line called I2 by Ivana K, I wanted to try something new but was too afraid to try natural skin care. I like the soaps, detergents and synthetic ingredients that currently reside in my Neostrata products. That’s what keeps my oily skin squeaky clean right? Sure, but are those over active ingredients good for our skin? Not necessarily. After speaking to Ivana Knezevic I felt very reassured that my skin was in good hands...
Fashion and Beauty

Fashion Magazine - SKIN SMOOTHER

As if the shame of contorting into compromising positions for a bikini wax isn’t mortifying enough, there is also the pain of having your hair torn from its comfortable follicles. And while displaying your nether regions cannot be avoided in order to complete this necessary evil, at least there’s comfort to be had in Alchemia ($35,, an elixir brewed by Ivana K., a Toronto-based cosmetic chemist. A blend of eight essential oils in a base of sweet almond, hazelnut and vitamin E oils, the solution is applied pre-wax to minimize pain (the clove bud oil included is a natural anaesthetic), as well as post-wax to calm irritation and redness. “It also slows down re-growth if applied for 10 days after your treatment,” says Ivana. Even better? It prevents ingrowns and may make your next wax less painful, she adds, because the new hairs come in sparser and weaker. Sign us up. Also at Ici Paris (370 Danforth Ave., 416 461-1774,, Electrolysis Derma Care Clinic & Spa (698 Pape Ave., 416 461-1021), Sheila’s Shear Art (750 Broadview, 416 463-7423).

Lush Magazine - Aromatica

I2 by Ivana K, is a new all natural skincare line based in Toronto. Founded by Ivana Knezevic, a European-trained pharmacist with extensive knowledge practicing in cosmetic chemistry, I2 offers high-quality products formulated for dry, dehydrated, normal, oily, problematic and mature skin. A popular pick: Aromatica oil, for around eyes, dry and devitalized skin use.


Zora, esthetician:: 'The new Eco Beauty Mask is a revelation. I have never put something like that on my skin The texture is beautiful, but the feeling while the mask is on is that of something working, and after it's removed the skin feels like baby's bottom. A definite winner.

Anna: 'Dear Ivana
Please use my email as a testimonial. I'll be very happy if it helps to bring
you more customers because there are very few products on the market nowdays
that are really pure and are working at the same time.1. Antiwrinkle cream is
a must and antioxidant treatment (fresh) ,collagen and serum (a+b5).
Antiwrinkle cream I meant is anti rides for under eyes, but I use it all over my face
sparingly just enough to have very light film.It is very softening and rejuvenating,
I believe that I do not have wrinkles under my eyes because I use this cream for over
5 years. I was always very happy with the produts and continue to be happy.Thank-you again

Hazel: 'Ivana’s products are first class! My skin type is combination & acne prone, plus it can be quite sensitive. What I like about I2 is that it doesn't cause me to break out or irritate my skin. The products are gentle, high quality, they smell so good & I get the satisfaction of knowing that I am supporting a Canadian business. When I first started using I2 products I noticed a great improvement in my skin. I can't do without them now. I recommend them to people all the time.'

Tijana: "My two new favorites are i2 Eye Cream and Collagen Vital serum. Texture is great and after effect is terrific. My skin is so smooth and lovely in just few uses. Thank you"

‘For the past 11 years we have been selling Alchemia at The Summit Day Spa & Wellness Clinic in both our Halifax and Bedford, Nova Scotia locations. It has remained one of our top ten selling products year round! We consider it a must for our many Brazilian waxing clients but most of our waxing clients use it including our male clients. It is fantasic for dramatically improving ingrown hair problems as well as soothing easily irritated skins. We find that the oil base and the very pleasing smell of the plant extracts in Alchemia make it a much superior product to use compared to the (hardly) similar alcohol based products on the market. Many of our estheticians will apply a very small amount of Alchemia prior to leg waxing to insure a better wax removal. The clove essential oil in Alchemia, which is a natural anesthetic, also helps to take the edge off when applied prior to and as well as after. The true test of a great product is its repeat sales and we have MANY! Thanks Ivana for making this great product!’

Susan Alward
The Summit Day Spa & Wellness Clinic

5657 Spring Garden Road B
Halifax, Nova Scotia
902 423-3888

1595 Bedford Highway
Bedford, Nova Scotia
902 835-6888

Richard: ‘The first time you put them on, they feel different, smell different, and everything is different. By the third time, you are hooked! You actually look forward to putting them on, they get you in a feel-good state of mind.’

Susan: ‘My skin has never looked or felt better. I strongly believe in your philosophy as I don’t want all kinds of chemicals on my skin – to be absorbed into my body. Aqua Botanica gives me a real GLOW that I don’t ever want to cover up (I don’t even like putting make up over it). I actually use it again over make up for that wonderful glowing natural look. Vitamin A serum is a must for me also to retain that healthy glow. I love Reaffirm as it leaves my skin soft and moisturized and it just looks and feels so healthy.’

Reza: ‘After my yoga session, it is not recommended to shower, to reduce the further loss of minerals and dehydration, instead I spray my Aqua Botanica all over my body and the effects are amazing. I get remineralized, and don’t feel worn out and can get on with my day.’

‘I have been recommending Alchemia for 2 years now and my clients are very satisfied. I always tell them: if you are not going to use it you will waste your money - but if you do, the results are great! One of my clients had especially amazing results, not only with ingrowns. She had laser hair removal on her buttocks, which left dark marks. For that reason she had to give up laser and go back to waxing. She had many ingrown hairs and that is how she started using Alchemia. About six months after she first started using it, she called me one day to tell me that all her dark marks have disappeared! She tried many things before and nothing worked. It was only Alchemia she was using during that time and it got rid of them. She was very happy!’

Borka Djokic

Janice: ‘I will never use anything else! My skin glows, I enjoy every step and each product, from washing to putting my moisturizer on. I love the smell and the way my skin feels. I have never gotten compliments on my skin before as I do now’

Susan: ‘I've been using your products now for over a year and I'm very pleased with them. My skin is soft and has a lovely dewy, healthy glow.’

Anna: ‘Harmony cream is fantastic! It helps even my most sensitive skin with its nourishing ingredients without making my skin oily. Perfect for use under make-up, this is a staple of the I2’s skin care programs. You can’t do without it!
Nothing is quite like the acne treatment Equilibrium. This is a marvelous weapon to have in your arsenal of anti-blemish products. Just spot treat and you’ll see any whitehead or blackhead disappear. It really does work and won’t dry your skin or leave it red and inflamed. A must-have for just about everyone!
The hydrating mask Green Earth does a beautiful job at giving your face a mini-facial. If you want to rejuvenate your skin and leave it glowing (especially if you don’t have time for facials) then this soothing mask is a wonderful addition to your skin regimen.
Greens cleanser is excellent! It removes make-up, oil, and bacteria without stripping away moisture. Gentle enough to use twice daily this is a basic staple to be used in your daily cleansing routine. I highly recommend it.’