Changes Are Here!

After few years of research, development and brainstorming we are at the start of something new!

This change is an evolution not a revolution: our commitment to natural, concentrated and unique products remains as strong as ever.

Our new website is now live, showcasing four products and the new direction with the new brand name:

One of these four products is the venerable Anti-rides, now with the new name and some changes that make it even better, but what was always excellent about it remains unchanged:
Iconic Beauty Balm

Please visit our sister site and take a look around. We hope that you will find the new products exciting and deserving of your trust.

What this change means for the old products is that most of them have been discontinued. We are sorry if this affects your favourite products. The change was brought on by the need for new packaging initially, followed by discontinuation of some ingredients, which has impacted a number of products in our lineup. Forced to reformulate, we have decided instead to move forward with something new.
The new lineup is small, and will grow step by step as we develop your new favourites.

This website will remain active for a while. There are few products of which we still have small inventory, and when they are finished, they will be discontinued as well. With the exception of Alchemia, the products on this website will be discontinued.
Alchemia will not be discontinued.

We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused by the discontinuations. We are hoping that you will find in the new products the worthy descendants of the old favourites.

Below are the links to the products currently available on this website: