About DMAE Q: Hello....I have so enjoyed using your products...and am a huge fan of your Anti Rides eye cream. My qstn is about DMAE........what exactly is it derived from {salmon?}...we see this often in ingredient lists, and I've read so much conflicting info on it that I am truly curious about this ingred. I HAVE used it and I'm not altogether certain I like it or trust it. Would it be beneficial in the right formulation........or harmful if not in a correct formulation ?.....and what would a 'correct' formulation be? I don't know if everyone is interested in this ingred., but I know enough people who are that I wanted to ask it here. Thanks in advance for response. Jeflin

A: Hello Jeflin,

There is no definitive answer on the questions of safety and efficacy of using DMAE in skin care. Its use as a supplement is much longer (several decades) but in skin care this period is barely a decade. It is not fully known how it works on the skin. It has demonstrated improvement in skin's sagging (firmness), but it is not a miracle. That it has positive effect at all is excellent (very few ingredients are effective against sagging), and if it shows no toxicity, that should be enough as a good recommendation. There was a recent study in Quebec that has shown some unsettling effect the DMAE has on fibroblasts (a type of skin cells), but this was not an extensive enough study, the changes were not irreversible, and it is not sufficient to dismiss it as unsafe based only on that. I would expect to see many more studies in the near future. Its safety, like with most ingredients, is closely tied to many factors, chief among them being the level of use.

DMAE occurs naturally in some fish, but also in our bodies, during some metabolic processes. It is connected to the synthesis of neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Whether the one in the face cream you will buy is of natural or synthetic origin is impossible to know.

Formulation is always of fundamental importance to the product. There are hundreds of products using Vitamin A on the market, but you will not find them equally good, or agreeable with your skin. That will depend solely on the formulation.

I hope that this helps.
Thank you for your kind words about the Anti-rides and the products, and all the best!

Ivana K.

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