Questions and Answers
Who uses i2 by Ivana K.?

Women and men of all ages and skin types.
i2 by Ivana K products are made with 100% natural ingredients. Highly concentrated in actives, our products focus on numerous skin care problems and concerns: dehydration, dryness, sensitivity, loss of vitality to acne, hyper-pigmentation, and day-to-day nuisance of pollution, gravitation, ambition and existence.

What is in the skin type?

Skin type is determined genetically, and it will in turn determine the type of products your skin needs for proper care. Confusion may arise from different conditions commonly associated with certain skin types, for example, dehydration appears only in dry skin or breakouts only in oily skin. In fact, dehydration is very common in all skin types, and an occasional breakout due to hormonal fluctuations can surprise a person with dry skin. Specific problems should be addressed and corrected, but your skin type is the basis of your skin care.

How to care for your skin care?

We produce unique products with pure, delicate ingredients and they have a shelf-life. Our packaging protects the contents from deteriorating effects of the environment, reduces contamination by microorganisms, and allows for sufficient time to enjoy the benefits of the products. Most vulnerable are the products in jars. Utilize provided spatulas and close lids tightly after use. Remember that the products will also lose efficacy over time, therefore it is extremely important to use your products regularly, keep them away from sources of heat and light, and for an extended use or storage place them in a refrigerator. A period of three months is a sufficient time to use up most products and during this period they do not require refrigeration.

Do you use parabens?


Are your ingredients organic?

Many of our ingredients are organic, some are harvested from the wild and some are cultivated. Organic certifications are costly and many small suppliers don’t acquire them. Organic as a marketing claim focuses on the story behind the ingredients, what we focus on is creating a fantastic product and organic ingredients are an integral part of that.

You have alcohol listed in your ingredients. What kind of alcohol is it?

Fatty alcohols, as components of natural oils, give creams emollient properties. Grain alcohol is a part of hydro-alcoholic extracts and serves as a solvent for extracting active principles from plant material. If it wasn’t for the properties of alcohol, herbal extracts wouldn’t be as effective, or they would be extracted with glycols i.e. petrochemical derivatives. As the end concentration of the grain alcohol is negligibly low (usually less than 2%), there is no negative effect on the skin, which appears at concentrations of over 20%.

What is the fragrance in your products?

Pure essential oils are both actives and fragrant components of i2 by Ivana K. products. There is nothing else. Few of the products don’t contain essential oils at all and they have the mild herbal scent of the botanical ingredients present in their composition.

How do your products compare to other skin care products?

The same ingredients in the hands of two different formulators would produce different end results. What is a common description for i2 by Ivana K. products is that they feel different. They wake up your senses. We expect that you will fall in love with them.

I just want good skin care. What do I start with?

While expectations (and promises) for skin care products can range widely, the fact is: skin needs skin care. Proper cleansing, toning, moisturizer are the starting points. Add exfoliation and make it a staple at least once a week. Refer to our recommendations based on skin type and age in the Product section for the best selection for your needs.

I love foaming cleansers – do you offer such products?

Foam-producing ingredients are surfactants. All surfactants are synthetic chemicals and even the so-called ‘mild’ surfactants can be drying on the skin. This can lead to dehydration, one of the most challenging problems in today’s skin care. While proper cleansing does not require foam, foaming cleansers can make skin dehydrated. We don’t use surfactants. Our Greens cleanser for oily skin has as its base organic natural soap. It is gentle and effective, and it contains no surfactants.

I am noticing fine lines around my eyes, but with my oily skin should I use eye cream?

Most definitely. Consider the skin around your eyes an island with distinctive needs. When applying eye cream, never cross the border to the mainland of your face. Apply with gentle patting, follow the circle around the eye, and never too close to the edge of the eyelids. Start early, in your mid-20s, use nourishing eye cream, be regular, and enjoy the benefits of a good investment.

I use cleanser at night to wash the skin and remove make-up, but not in the morning

Not using a cleanser in the morning because your skin doesn’t feel ‘unclean’ is not unusual if you have dry skin, however, just as with oily type, the skin breathes and rests through the night. Skin is also an organ of elimination, metabolic processes continue and washing the face with appropriate cleanser helps with removing their by-products.

For more information on specific products, please refer to our Product section. Additional questions and answers regarding ingredients can be found on our Articles page.